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Fees & Insurance

Fees Clip Art, Dr. Donna Steinberg Clinical Psychologist Hanover. NH

First sessions: $240

Individual Therapy session: $190

Couples/family sessions: $210


Each month, I generate a statement with all the information you need from me to complete your insurance company paperwork.  You would ask them to reimburse you directly.  Each month, I ask for one check from you for the full amount of your balance.  


Because of the difficulties maintaining control over treatment, the time involved in completion of paperwork, and low reimbursement rates, I am not on any insurance panels.  The benefits for out-of-network services vary considerably across insurance companies.  I recommend that you call your insurance company to find out about your out-of-network coverage.   


I do not use a sliding scale, but in exceptional situations, I can arrange a payment plan.


About Medications, Clip Art, Dr. Donna Steinberg Clinical Psychologist Hanover. NH

As a psychologist, I do not prescribe medications. 


Depending on the circumstances, I may recommend medication, or at least a medication evaluation.  If interested in using medication in conjunction with psychotherapy, I would refer you to a prescriber such as a psychiatrist or primary care provider.  We could talk about the option that makes the most sense for you.  I am happy to work collaboratively with many other providers in the area. If I do make a referral for medication, and if you prefer not to use this treatment option, I will absolutely respect your decision.  To me, the most important part of the process is that your choice is an educated one. 



Please download and complete the appropriate forms along with the information sheets provided here.


You can bring them to our first appointment or send them to me via US mail—Dr. Donna Steinberg, 3 Lebanon St, Suite #39, Hanover, NH 03755. Do not return them as an email attachment.


If you are seeking help for an adolescent, and you and the child's other parent share custody, please complete my Child Therapy Contract.